What am I doing now?

Work has been intensifying lately, it is very exciting! I have been climbing outside enjoying the end of the climbing seasons and starting to get some excitement going for the winter sports season. I am trying to post more here to share more of my work and my influences! Also, I recently signed up for Amazon Affiliates so I can post affiliate links for the music, books and tools I enjoy.

Thinking about doing some traveling after Christmas, feel free to suggest good locations! Some potential ideas are: Argentina, Chile, Joshua Tree, Spain, and similar areas that might not be too cold. No climbing required.

Recently I went through some of my older music and found some cool stuff! You should check out what I posted.

My priorities are:

  • Working as an Embedded Systems Engineer at Barrett Technology. Doing some work on building a good embedded workflow, and a solid API base for us.
  • Thinking about how to share my personal projects most effectively (influenced by Share Your Work and Derek Sivers).
  • Finishing an LED project for a tap dance my significant other is working on.
    • It involves Arduinos, nrf24 radios and some RGB LED strips. Some code is available on Github. I hope to write up some more when the time allows.
  • Learning Rust and trying to aid in the embedded-rust RFC effort.
  • Appreciating life, journaling, and learning a little about Stoicism and other philosophies of life.
  • Helping establish the Boston Embedded Systems Meetup with Isaac Gutekunst! Join us!
  • Taking the Coursera Machine Learning Course!

Quotes On My Mind

Don’t show your lunch or your latte show your work.

Austin Kleon

Any one who isn’t embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn’t learning enough.

Alain de Botton

Updated: November, 2016